Getting the forex results you want !

Hey guys , I’m going to give you the blueprint to getting positive forex results .

A lot of people think forex is a get rich quick deal but it isn’t , But you will be able to get the fastest results and make money by following these directions

1. So your new to forex and you find good material on a winning trading strategy to study , conflagrations on the start of the journey!

2 . You have to watch the forex course over and over and take notes on each video ! As doing so you should apply everything you learn to trading view! The more your on trading view marking up your charts the better you understand technical analysis and market movements!

3. You should be constantly demoing and paper trading to get the fill of being in trades and closing profits/losses

Yes I said loses every trader takes losses , but the objective is to have higher win rate than loses .

4. Being consistently profitable. Once you are seeing profits consistently on demo you should make a small investment and go live ! (REAL MONEY )

5. Staying learning and trading consistently,

And raising your lot sizes as you compound your account.

By doing this you’ll see a level up over time !

Remember it’s not over night it’s over time and you have to be consistent with your work !


Investing in yourself

How important is it to invest in your self ?

VERY Important

One should always invest in them selves

Rather it’s in

A book

A course

Your business

A mentor

Your dreams

You should always stay investing in yourself working on bettering yourself each day,week,month,year

Make the best out of everything you have and improve !

Chart time

How important is chart time ?


being on the charts and having hours of experience on the chart of very important and plays a big role in your trading

If your not putting in chart time ,back testing, demoing etc you’ll have troubles when trading live (real money )

Trading is like a sport

Chart time is like practice

If you miss practice on game day it will show !!

Now go get on the charts ‼️‼️

New traders

When you first start trading you should trade SMALL Don’t worry about the money /profits

You should be sticking to risk management 100% or demoing while learning the markets & gaining confidence.

Most new traders don’t make it far because they lose a lot of there money (not knowing what there doing ) and lose confidence and passion for trading over time .

But if you learn the markets first and and follow all rules YOU WILL SUCCEED!