New traders

When you first start trading you should trade SMALL Don’t worry about the money /profits

You should be sticking to risk management 100% or demoing while learning the markets & gaining confidence.

Most new traders don’t make it far because they lose a lot of there money (not knowing what there doing ) and lose confidence and passion for trading over time .

But if you learn the markets first and and follow all rules YOU WILL SUCCEED!

Giving 110% so you can really make a change in your life !

A lot of people get into forex looking for a quick buck or getting rich quick , but they don’t look at the big picture. You have have to really put in the work on and off the charts . Back testing, demoing , charting , studying etc to be a successful profitable trader . Things you should do .

– study

– backtest



-live trade

– continue to add bigger lot size


BEING CONSISTENT IS A MAJOR KEY , a lot of people aren’t consistent and will never see consistent results!


So know now you know how to really level up are you going to take action !?