GBPUSD update

Earlier this week I sent out an analyst to the groups I’m involved with . This was GBPUSD before as we spotted a sell setup with multiple confirmations. We expected it to drop over 100 pips and it has begun to take off ! πŸ“ˆ Here the after picture as we are up 80+ pips […]

The power of positive thinking

Thinking is the number 1 thing all humans do on earth ! What you think and the way you think determines how your life is and how it will be in the future! Positive thinking brings positive outcomes while negative thinking brings negative outcomes . Know that you know this you can start changing your […]

Getting profitable

Getting consistently profitable Having 3+ confirmations before entering a trade Risk management/ 3:1 win ratio Setting sl and take profits before entering a trade Being patient with winners impatient with losers Back testing after losing a trade and winning a trade finding what went wrong

Investing in yourself

How important is it to invest in your self ? VERY Important One should always invest in them selves Rather it’s in A book A course Your business A mentor Your dreams You should always stay investing in yourself working on bettering yourself each day,week,month,year Make the best out of everything you have and improve […]

Chart time

How important is chart time ? VERY IMPORTANT being on the charts and having hours of experience on the chart of very important and plays a big role in your trading If your not putting in chart time ,back testing, demoing etc you’ll have troubles when trading live (real money ) Trading is like a […]