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English, Literature & Philology
Customer 456432345245
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The speech was okay but the separate speech outline was left out and the Professor has not graded me yet, this writer is good at proofreading and writing. i really enjoyed how he organized my last essay. thank you very much
Customer 845623
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I'm not sure of the grade I'm gonna get for this paper but, the turn around time for it was amazing! Thank you so much. I thought I was gonna be a few hours late but you got it in in less than 12 hours!
Social & Political Sciences
Customer 2724666930
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During this time I've been really busy and even though I wasn't much help with the instruction and did not give proper communication to my writer, the essay came out great
Health sciences and nursing
Customer 7655324234
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The writer followed the instructions to a T and the completed writing was nothing short of excellence. It was also completed way before the requested due date. I would recommend this writer (or hire this writer) over and over again!
Customer 486885142
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To me, the paper sounded excellent and I was very satisfied with the product. My teacher stated the introduction lacked clarity. However, the thoughts that were incorporated into the paper were "scholar level thoughts." Thank you!
English & Literature
Customer 3232229402
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She was very efficient, and even when I misinformed her, she revised it with no hesitance. She also stayed on a vocabulary level that was intuned with my level of speaking.
Customer 8632235
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the PowerPoint has all the needed material but adding a more professional look with graphics would have been nice. Overall, I am satisfied. Thankyou. Excellent work and prompt..will definitely use again
Business & Management
Customer 1481394572
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I overreacted due to stress the writer worked under huge amount of stress and still managed to do this assignment. Please forgive my previous score. From: a really stressed out and burnt out student
Creative Writing
Customer 3110777516
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Great communication and listened to instructions perfectly to create the perfect research proposal. and submitted early! Thank you so much and for the quick completion